Springbrook Sportsman's Club


                       Springbrook on Target


                                                                               May 2017


Important Dates:

General Membership Meeting: May 2nd, 7 PM

Board Meeting: May 16th, 7 PM

Range Closure dates: 




Presidents Column: 

Hello everyone, 

The nice weather is finally getting here and we are getting ready to start our summer shooting season.  We started our shooting season last week with the 50 bird blind partner shoot.  This Wednesday 4-26 our summer trap leagues start with a practice night, and actual league shooting begins next Wednesday 5-3.  So come on out and start shooting.  If you don’t have a team come on out anyway.  Sometimes teams are looking for shooters.  There might be 4 other people looking for a team.  We also have a solo league.  The last couple of years we had a 3 man team league that started in June.  And don’t worry about how good you are or aren’t.  Everything is handicapped based to make it fair for everyone.  It’s about coming out and having a good time and making new friends. 

 This year we have several projects that we are planning.  Some are just in the design and planning stage.  Others are maintenance on the building & grounds.  We will be having a few clean up days throughout the summer.  Springbrook Sportsman’s club relies on its members to volunteer some of their time to complete some of the basic maintenance and upkeep for the club.  If we don’t get volunteers then we are going to have to hire someone to get the work done.  I would much rather spend our money on range improvements rather than just upkeep.  So please we need your help this summer when we have work days!

On a parting note I want to leave you with one thing to remember.  This is not my club! This is not the board of directors club!  This is our club!  This is your club!  We need to work together as a team to make Springbrook a better place.  See you at the range!

You’re President,

Jim Gustafson


Trapshooting News.

Summer league is just beginning.  The league will start officially On May 3rd and will end on August 9th,   That night is a makeup night and the Anne Oakley Finals. 

On June 7th, the Youth and Three Man leagues will start up.  Just a reminder, the youth’s parents are members or not, that the first 20 kids that sign up for Youth League, have their shells provided for the 10 week season. 

All shooting starts at 6 PM.  The cost is $3.50 for members and $4.00 for non-members who wish to just come out and shoot a round of trap. 


 Important Information: 

On Sunday, April 23rd, kids jumped the fence at the club and shot the new handgun range signs. It is being investigated.  A report has been filed with the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department.  The Omro Police Department has also been made aware of the incident. 

There will be a special vote on the Sound Barrier for the handgun range.  This will be the first of the three required votes.  The next vote will be the Membership meeting in June and the third will be the Board Meeting in July.

 There are two bids that have submitted.  The first is for a wooden barrier.  The second is for an earthen barrier.  The earthen barrier is approximately $1600.00 less than the wooden one.



All renewal or new membership applications can be done by down loading the application from the web site and mailing to the club with the appropriate fees.  Those of you with active memberships are reminded that they will expire on April 30th, 2017.  Life and those in 3 year memberships will have the new card and gate combo mailed to them in late April or early May.  Gate combo will change June 1st.


A work day is scheduled for May 5th, starting at 9 am. This is a rain or shine day.  If we have wet weather, we will work on the office and or the store room.  If you have signed up to work on building and grounds please show up.  There is a lot of branches and the like that need to be cleaned up.  Both the rooms are need of organization and cleaning.  

That pile of blue board target backing needs to be restacked away from the building so as to make an assessment of what shape the total building is in. 

In general, while the high school kids did some raking, there is a lot more to be done.


Steak Night: 

The Club’s Annual Steak Night is being held on June 21st.  The grills will be started around 5:30, in order to make sure they are ready for members to start grilling.  Other than providing their own delight for the grill, members are asked to bring their own silverware and plates.  Napkins will be provided. 

The Club provides the sides and dessert.  In the past we have had potato salad and Cowboy beans, with brownies for dessert.  Open for suggestions!  Dollar beverages.   

In the past, there was a 75 bird shoot held.  That will not be the case this year.  It is a normal league night.  The 75 Bird Shoot has been moved to August 16th.


Calendar Dates: 

The 2017 Club Calendar is up to date.  Please refer to it for range closures.  The calendar will be updated periodically as new information comes in.